What do the harry potter professors think of you

Please leave empty:. Smart And Pretty. Brave And Daring. Shy And Sweet. Sly And Cruel. Harry Potter. Cedric Diggory. Terry Boot. What Is Your Reaction? Push Him Away.

Me: THIS is the right choice. Giggle when he is done and run to your dormitory. Cho Chang.

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Pansy Parkinson. Hannah Abott.

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Hermione Granger. Helping People. It Was Okay. It Was Good:. Comments Change color. Clelia This was such a great test the only bad thing was the ads. Ron Weasley Clare I don't really like the fact that you hate on Draco so much. I mean, I would LOVE to date him because deep down, he's most likely more compassionate of you get to know him. The fact that you said the those who want to date him have a problem made me kind of offended.

Not everything is in black and white, honey Aarna I don't like slytehrin. AssassinCognite I don't have any problems I just like slytherin Venessa Riddle How much do you know about dinosaurs?

What would the Harry potter characters say about you?

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We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Scroll To Start Quiz. It's impossible to pick just one! Unicorn hair. Phoenix feathers. Dragon heartstring. Kelpie hair. A platypus. A doe. A cat. A goose. That I'm fun. That I'm scary. That I'm strict. That I'm odd. Wingardium Leviosa. Expecto Patronum. Padma Patil. I don't have a favorite. Hermione Granger.

Luna Lovegood. He is a good kid. He is a troublemaker. He is naive. He is ill-fated. Defense Against the Dark Arts. I'd like it to be on the ground floor.

I'd like it to be in the dungeon. I'd like it to be outside. I'd like it to be on the 7th floor. My office hours would be from 8 a.He has a crush on you!!

Harry admires you loyalty and bravery!! Maybe you can even compete with Ginny or Cho. Sadly Harry doesn't really know who you are You're not his friend nor are you his enemy. What would Harry Potter think of you?? Let's find out!! Girls only!!!!!!!!!

What would you rather do on your spare time?? Jinx first years!! Talk with friends. Plan to prank Professor Snape. Play quidditch. Which house are you in?? Choose one!! Death Eaters. Dumbledore's Army. If Draco asked you out to the Yule Ball you would? Say yes of course!! Politely say that some else already asked you. Jinx him!! What the hell would he want with me!!

Who would you support during the Triwizard Tournament?? Victor Krum.

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Fleur Delacour. Cedric Diggory. Harry Potter. What's your most noticeable personality trait?? Describe muggles in one word Which of these are more likely to wear to a dance?? What colour is your hair?? Dark Brown. Golden brown.

Severus Snape vs Minerva McGonagall - Harry Potter

Who would you want to ask you to the Yule Ball?? Ron Weasley. What's your favourite quote??The kids at Hogwarts are very talented, fun to watch and are cable of performing a lot of magic.

What the Harry Potter Characters think of you!

If they thought you to be cool you may even earn s recommendation to join Hogwarts. The quiz below will let you know what they think of you. Try it out! Giggle while he's snogging you and when he's done say, " Sorry Fred! I already have a boyfriend. Forgot your password? Speak now. Girls Only!! Please take the quiz to rate it. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel.

More Harry Potter Character Quizzes. Girls Only Please. For Girls. Featured Quizzes. Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt.

what do the harry potter professors think of you

Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. What are your favorite colors out of these? Sorry, but I have to ask this question. Roleplay: Let's say you and your friend are in the forbidden forest at night time. Then you hear a rustling noise nearby.

Out comes a werewolf. What do you do? Roleplay: You are walking down the hall when Fred and George pull a prank on you.Even if you're not one of the millions of students who've just headed back to school, you'll always associate early September with those back to school rituals : getting your book list delivered by owl; a back to school shopping trip to Diagon Alley for supplies and maybe a new pet; hopping on board the Hogwarts Express where you'll catch up with friends and theorize about who the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be OK, maybe that's what you just wish y our back to school rituals had been.

Although we couldn't actually attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardryafter seven books that coincided with Harry Potter's seven technically six years of magical education, we certainly feel like we did.

Die-hard fans of the series how to get into the Hogwarts kitchenscaretaker Argus Filch's deep, dark secretall of the secret passageways in and out of the school, and of course, which teachers are the best — and which to avoid.

Despite many allusions throughout the series to the "vital importance" of education for young witches and wizards, Hogwarts exact teaching certification requirements and hiring policies are never explicitly revealed unless you're Lord Voldemort.

Then you are most definitely not hired. Whether profs end up teaching at Hogwarts because they know the right people, were in the right place at the right time, or have simply been there forever, the institution's scattershot approach to hiring makes for a rather eclectic faculty.

So how do Hogwarts professors stack up? Here now is the all-inclusive ranking of Hogwarts instructors, from worst to first. Professors who are only mentioned, or appear in a non-classroom setting, are not ranked.

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Last place with a bullet, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic Dolores Umbridge takes her title of "witch" very, very seriously.

Not only was she an intolerant, sadistic government toady who tortured students and abused her power during her Hogwarts tenure, she wasn't a very effective teacher. Much to the disdain and detriment of her pupils, Umbridge adhered strictly to a theory-based, Ministry of Magic-approved curriculum that eschewed practical application of Defense Against the Dark Arts techniques.

No word on whether this is a comment on the potential dangers of government involvement in education. So much beauty, so little brains. Gilderoy Lockhart is the Hogwarts equivalent of a college grabbing a celebrity professor to boost publicity and enrollment.

Hogwarts Professors, Ranked: From Snape to Slughorn

Too bad he can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. With all due respect, Dumbledore, here's a pro tip: When hiring a teacher, make sure he actually possesses all the skills he is tasked with teaching to his students.

Note to self: if you want to be an effective teacher, do not let the disembodied spirit of Lord Voldemort possess your body for the school year. Side effects may include killing unicorns for their life-giving blood and trying to murder your students at Lord Voldemort's behest. Although we know much more powerful witches and wizards who have succumbed to Lord Voldemort, you would think that, as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Quirrell would have been a little more careful.

Call me a geek, but I always thought History of Magic sounded like a cool subject; I mean, witch hunts, goblin rebellions and giant wars are all exciting, right?

Unfortunately, History of Magic falls victim to that classic school day trope — a good subject ruined by a boring teacher.

With his monotone lecture style and inability to connect with and engage his students, it's no surprise that overachiever Hermione Granger was the only student able to stay alert enough to follow along. Even I would have fallen asleep before Binns could say, "Gargoyle Strike of In school, there's always the question of how to teach the unteachable — a subject that requires an inherent skill or inclination that not everyone may possess.

According to Sybil Trelawney, Divination is just such a subject — students without precognitive abilities are pretty much SOL. Unless that's just her excuse for being a somewhat incompetent teacher. While Trelawney did indeed have Second Sight powers, based on her ability to make an accurate prophecy every 13 years or so, she unfortunately couldn't divine a method in her tea leaves or crystal ball for reaching the majority of her students, Lavender Brown and the Patil twins being the main exceptions.If your a Harry Potter nerd like me then you'll want to know what your life will be like at Hogwarts!

Friends have each others back! Lets look around Hogwarts, and if he doesn't show up, lets look off campus. Forgot your password? Speak now. Please take the quiz to rate it. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Duplicate Quiz Cancel. More Harry Potter Character Quizzes. Girls Only Please.

For Girls. Featured Quizzes. What U. City Should You Live In?

what do the harry potter professors think of you

Related Topics. Questions and Answers. Remove Excerpt. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Thank you for taking my quiz! To start things off Harry: What house are you or want to be in? Me: Harry I'm supposed to be saying that! Harry: Whoops Me: Just answer the question. You quickly turn around discovering Ron standing behind you. Whats up? Could you and Harry maybe help me? Ive read about this happening!Please leave empty:. Freedom from whatever ties me down. To be surrounded by my family.

what do the harry potter professors think of you

To have everyone learn the skills I teach. For the world to be a better place. To be able to do what I want, and not have to put up with others. Using my knowledge to the best of my ability. A certain talent, and making people follow my rules. Being on time and following every rule. Being nice and humorous, and being friendly to everyone. Being unique, and not caring what others think of you.

Being too eccentric. Scaring others. Being too strict. Being too curious. Being easily distracted. In your class, a child sets something on fire. You're able to put out the fire before anything happens, but it still destroyed a valuable instrument on your desk. What do you do to the child? Give them a punishment, but nothing too harsh.

After all, it was a mistake. Make a joke out of it, and understand that it was a mistake. Fix the object using your magical skills, then reprimand the child. However, you won't punish them. Give them a harsh punishment and make them fix the object. You don't even notice and go back to teaching. A bit boring, but the impression only lasts until you start talking! Strict, without much room for bending rules. A bit off your rocker crazy. Mean and way to strict. Funny, and knowing your subject.

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